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What will the veterans memorial look like?

The design process continues to move forward for the future Holcombe Area Veterans Memorial. Group members met Feb. 20, to discuss pricing for pavers and the memorial pieces, as well as potential layouts for the memorial.

Dave Conrad, Paver and Monument Committee member, reported he met with a representative from Johnson Monument, Chippewa Falls, to glean prices for tablets, garden benches and pavers.

“I did give him a copy of the design you had, with the dimensions and stuff,” said Conrad, referring to a design sketched by vice chairman Ron Jiskra earlier.

Conrad said the quote was for five tablets, which can hold 305 names per side.

“We don’t need five of them,” said Conrad.

Dave Staudacher, treasurer, said they only have about 200 names so far.

“I was thinking a couple tablets and that would take us well into the future,” said Conrad.

Conrad suggested the group pick someone local for the monuments, whether that be Johnson Monuments or not, since there are travel costs for the companies to come and engrave. Rick Mitchell, local veteran, suggested they get more quotes from other companies before making a decision. Conrad agreed and said they are not tied to anyone yet, and that much of the groundwork could probably be done by local contractors.

Conrad also said the Johnson Memorial representative would be willing to come and speak to the group.

Jim Mataczynski, chairman, also put forth another layout idea. Working off of Jiskra’s idea for a round memorial area, surrounded by parking, Mataczynski suggested adding a rectangular section around the circle to add more paver space.

Members also discussed signage for the memorial. Beyond the entrance sign, Ray Guthman, group member, asked if another sign is needed to tell visitors about the requirements to be named in the site. Ron Arts, local veteran, thought a plastic sign would be the way to go for that information.