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Official approval given for waste disposal site

Lake Holcombe Town Board/Budget Hearing/Special Electors’ Meeting

It was good news that started off the regular Lake Holcombe Town Board meeting Nov. 12.

“Our (yard) waste disposal site finally got approved,” said chairman Brian Guthman.

The site was closed earlier this year, after the DNR discovered there were violations incurring with yard waste disposal. The town followed the DNR criteria and was given permission to open the site this fall. Now that official permission to run the site has been granted, the town still needs to install some signage.

Guthman also reported that he has had several calls about the keys that were formerly used to gain access to the site. That is no longer the case, as the site must be manned, to ensure guidelines are followed.

Guthman said some people have asked for their deposit back from the must have key, but with so much expense to “fix” the site – and more expenses on the horizon – Guthman says there could be a user fee down the road.

Members discussed possibly requiring a fee for an annual sticker affixed to their vehicle. Because supervisor David Staudacher was absent that night, the board agreed to discuss the matter later on.

“It doesn’t have to be a big rush, but…before the season starts next year,” said Guthman.

“I think that’s a really good idea,” said supervisor Doug Olson of the sticker.

Moving on, the board approved the annual Chippewa County Humane Association contract, at a per capita fee of $1,196. Residents of Holcombe, took 26 animals to the center in 2020.

With the contract, Holcombe residents can drop off an animal at no charge, because of the contract fee paid for by the town. The Rusk County shelter was also looked at, with their fee set at $40 for each dog drop-off.

“There have been times they’re (Rusk County) full,” said clerk Tracey Larson.

Larson also pointed out that Rusk County won’t accept an animal if their shelter is full, so a town employee would have to house the dog/cat until a spot becomes available.

The board also approved a levy limit of $347,352, coming from approval at a special meeting of the electors, prior to the regular meeting. The 2021 budget was also set, with $613,825 in revenues/expenses, a 6.38 percent increase from 2020, because of estimated donations that will come in for the Holcombe Area Veterans Memorial Fund, which is administered by the town. “We’re just thinking big,” said Larson. Electors also gave permission to pulverize and reconstruct 304th Ave., from 305th Ave. to termination (dead end).

“That’s the area we’ve been working on up there, where we did all the road right-of-way work,” said Guthman.

Members also agreed to keep SuperiorChoice Credit Union as their bank, after the Holcombe branch closed this summer. Treasurer Jim Matacyznki researched banks throughout the area, in Cornell, Gilman and Ladysmith, but the board decided to stick with SuperiorChoice, because it had the best interest rate.

“It blew everybody else out of the ballpark,” said Mataczysnki, adding that it’s a bonus the town won’t have to switch accounts.

The board also agreed to offer the town hall’s older tables for sale for a small fee, if anyone is interested, on a first-come, first-serve basis. The 22 or so tables are 36x8, and were replaced with funding the town received. The new tables are heavy duty, but light, and Guthman said it will be good to have the old ones gone.

“There are already some people who have spoken up and said they want a few,” said Guthman.

During the meeting, Eva Curtis, from Rural Insurance, asked the board to look over the current policy, to make sure town equipment is not listed under “personal” uses for correct coverage. It was agreed the policy would be reviewed before it was sent back to Curtis.