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From past files of The Star News


June 3, 2010

In a largely symbolic gesture of protest against what some town officials believed was an improper annexation by the City of Medford, the Taylor County Board of Supervisors on May 27 voted down two or three ordinances which would have altered the boundaries for supervisor districts in the county.

Last year, the city annexed the Black River Golf Course property at the request of the golf course owners. Previously, the golf course had extended over three towns: Deer Creek, Medford and Little Black with the largest portion in Little Black. What made this annexation different was it took advantage of a provision in state law allowing for non-contiguous annexations. Historically, a property had to share a border with a city for it to be eligible for annexation.


June 7, 1995

Federal Judge Barbara Crabb ruled last week that a $237,500 jury award to Mike Dishnow for humiliation and loss of reputation was “excessive,” and that she will grant a motion by attorney’s for the Rib Lake School Board for a new trial, on that issue alone, unless Dishnow agrees to limit those damages to $23,750.

Judge Crabb did agree with the jury, however, that an award of $153,608 in attorney fees and expenses, and $8,868 in costs was appropriate, and that she could find no “trial error” except for the aforementioned jury award for humiliation and loss of reputation.

A jury award of nearly $155,000 for past and future lost wages, and $2,150 for Dishnow’s cost of looking for a new job, were never disputed.


June 4, 1970

Following a discussion with Gordon Hamrick, Medford, Taylor county highway commissioner, regarding the current county highway “Q” construction program Tuesday night, city councilmen approved the deeding of property for the highway’s right-of-way on the city’s south boundary line.

Commissioner Hamrick outlined the 2.014-mile county highway construction project which will extend west from highway 13 on the city’s south side.


May 31, 1945

The annual meeting of the Medford Co-operative Store company will be held at the Fayette hotel club rooms in Medford Tuesday, June 5, starting at 2:00 o’clock. Anthony Madler, attorney, department of agriculture assistant to the attorney general, will speak on “Cooperation”.

The company’s business for the year 1944 grossed over $67,208.67 more than for the year of 1943. The amount for 1944 was $645,800.27 and for 1943 it was $578,595.05. A patronage dividend was paid on all purchases made in 1944 making a total of $29,506.56 paid out in dividends. The total assets as of December 31, 1944 were $108,870.69.


June 2, 1920

The south part of the second floor of the hospital is undergoing a remodeling. The roof is being raised to the same height as on the north side, and this permits of the adding of three feet of space on the south of the upstairs ward rooms. The capacity of the hospital will be thus increased six beds. The extra room is badly needed to enable the hospital people to take care of their patients pending the building of a large public hospital.


June 1, 1895

A flying switch is not a mechanical contrivance. It is a manoeuvre of railroad men, by which the locomotive of a train is run upon one track and the train, or part of the train, is run upon another track. When the flying switch is to be made the engineer causes the train to travel at a considerable speed, the coupling between the engine and the train is then undone and the engine, at a greater speed, runs from the still moving train upon the track already ready for it. Immediately the engine has passed the switch points the switch is changed to throw the train, running with its own momentum, upon another track.