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Cornell City Council - Full-grown trees bringing in some money for the city

Full-grown trees bringing in some money for the city Full-grown trees bringing in some money for the city

Chippewa Valley Electric Cooperative (CVEC), in a joint effort with Dairyland Power Cooperative (DPC), gathered with the Cornell Area Fire Department Board president and City of Cornell officials Feb. 14, to finalize low-interest loans offered to the fire department. The loans will be used to purchase a new fire truck and will allow the department to better serve the community. Present for the signing, CVEC CEO/president Russ Falkenberg, CVEC member services director Nicole Whipp-Sime, CVEC Board vice chair Kevin Meistad, Cornell city administrator Dave DeJongh, Cornell mayor Mark Larson, Fire Board president Lisa Marie Westman, DPC economic development manager Donna Walker, DPC economic development manager Jenny Radcliffe, CVEC Board chair John Petska and CVEC Board secretary/treasurer Steve Johnson. Submitted Photo

By Ginna Young

After being on the back burner for a number of years, it was decided by the Cornell City Council, to request bids for timber, located in parts of Cleveland and Estella townships, with 16.5 acres on the range property and 15 acres in the industrial park. Four bids were received to cut down the select trees, with the council accepting the highest bid Feb. 15.

S& S Forestry was chosen as the preferred bidder, doing the job for $25,332.

“Which was a pleasant surprise, because we had been thinking it would be less,” said council president Steve Turany.

Members also approved the annual July 3 fireworks display, with J& M Displays, for $5,640.

“Looks like we’ll have enough money and a little bit more, thanks to some fundraising that’s going on to cover our fireworks bill this year,” said Turany.

With the inclement weather that occurred last year, it was discussed whether or not to include a rain date with the proposal, but the question was, what date would that be?

“I don’t know that we’re prepared to give them that date now, are we?” asked city administrator Dave DeJongh.

It was agreed that if the event is rained out, the city will arrange a different day with the company to shoot off the fireworks.

DeJongh also reported that he and mayor Mark Larson co-signed for the Cornell Area Fire Department to receive a loan from Dairyland Power and Chippewa Valley Electric Co-op, who are tag teaming for the $237,000 loan, for the purchase of a new truck. If the fire department was to default on the payments, the city would pick up where they left off.

The new truck should be delivered within a month or two.