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Cadott School Board; GPA calculations creates conundrum

Cadott School Board; GPA calculations creates conundrum Cadott School Board; GPA calculations creates conundrum

Kate Winkler, Miron Construction, went through the communication process for the upcoming referendum, during a Cadott School Board meeting Jan. 30. Board members saw different options they can use to share information with the community and were encouraged to brainstorm their own. Photo by Julia Wolf

By Ginna Young

The Cadott School District recently learned students and families were told two different ways of how honors courses, taken off-site, are calculated into student Grade Point Averages (GPAs). The Cadott School Board discussed the next steps, during a Committee of the Whole meeting Jan. 30.

Superintendent Jenny Starck says some different information was given to students and families last year, through the school counseling department, than is listed in the student handbook.

“The difficulty here, is there’s no win-win solution for that,” said Starck, adding some students also had the accurate information.

She says the district needs to submit scholarship information to the Wisconsin Higher Education Board by Feb. 25. The organization has a scholarship for the student with the top GPA.

“As much as I don’t like this option, I think what we have to do is stick with the policy that we have in the handbook,” said Starck.

She says changing the calculations would move student ranks around, some up, some down, and could impact the Valedictorian and Salutatorian.

“I wish there were a way to make it right for everybody and I don’t think there is,” said Starck.

She also suggested they can discuss if they want to change how those courses are weighted, going forward, at a later date.

Board president Cory LaNou said he would like to wait until the lawyers the district consulted get their opinions back.

“I understand the policy is the policy, but I think we’re trying to figure out, could there be some concessions made that are not necessarily specific to the GPA,” said LaNou.

Board members voted to table the issue until the next meeting.

The board also voted to combine the regular February meeting with the February Committee of the Whole meeting, and move the meeting date to Monday, Feb. 20.

The board members also discussed a communication plan for the upcoming referendum.

“We spent 18 months getting to this point, and the next eight to 10 weeks are going to go really fast,” said Andrew Daniels, Miron Construction.

Kate Winkler, Miron Construction, says a frequently asked questions section, on the district website, is a good way to address questions community members may have.

“One of the first things we are going to do is add information to the website, so that is very transparent,” said Winkler.

There are also two referendum open house meetings planned for March, to give people time to ask questions and take a tour of the building. District residents can expect to receive mailings in February, with more information about the referendum and the upcoming open houses.

Winkler also shared a list of materials, deliverables, and activities the district or Miron can do to share information about the referendum, ahead of the vote, and encouraged board members to brainstorm more ideas.

Starck also gave an update on the superintendent selection process. She says the position is posted and they have received some questions, but no applications at the time of the meeting. The application deadline was set for Friday, Feb. 3, but board members decided to keep the application open for an additional week.