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Cadott Village Board; Resolution passed to amend TID No. 5 boundary

By Julia Wolf

The Cadott Village Board held a special meeting Sept. 26, to approve amending the boundary of Tax Increment District (TID) No. 5.

The Planning and Development Committee met a week prior, and recommended including more area in the expansion, and maps and project plans needed updating to reflect those changes, before the full board could vote on the matter.

The recommendation for the addition to the amendment includes M.D., Ash, Hartford and Spruce streets. Board members approved the resolution.

Board member Bart Chapek also reported on the Planning and Development meeting, with representatives of the Daniel and Jean Winger Trust. The TID project plan may have to be adjusted again, depending on what happens in that area of land.

Clerk Sandy Buetow says Josh Miller, Cedar Corp., was on hand during the meeting to explain that the boundaries of a TID can be changed four times, but the project plan can be changed as many times as needed.

“In the future, it can reflect Winger’s plan, if it has to,” said Buetow.