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Ash trees are not a good place to hang deer stands

With deer season underway and the nine-day gun deer season, the Wisconsin DNR reminds hunters to avoid placing deer stands in or near ash trees. Tree stand accidents are the leading cause of serious injury for deer hunters, making it essential to place and maintain tree stands carefully. “Infested or dead ash trees are not as structurally sound as healthy trees, so they are not safe places to put deer stands,” said DNR forest health specialist Bill McNee. “At this time of year, it can be hard to tell if a tree is infected, so hunters should place deer stands in other types of trees instead.” Hunters should also be careful around ash trees when on the ground, especially in windy conditions, as infested trees are susceptible to breakage. When obtaining firewood for hunting trips, outdoor recreation or household heating, it is crucial to be proactive and reduce the spread of invasive pests that threaten trees in forests, parks and yards. Get firewood near where it will be used, instead of moving it over long distances, which reduces the chance of introducing EAB, gypsy moth and other harmful pests to new areas. Look for dry firewood, especially wood with loose bark, since it has the lowest risk of being infested. Purchasing certified firewood is another option. Certified firewood is seasoned or treated, to eliminate pests and diseases. Bundles of certified firewood have a printed label showing certification.