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Pastor’s Corner

By Pastor Paul Messmer Holcombe United Methodist Church • Holcombe

I have been praying for our country and how things will be after today. It is election day, and we are sitting at the edge of our seats. We are waiting for a man to be elected and to run our country to the best of his abilities.

As I looked in my Bible for a scripture reading, I opened to Romans 12:3-8. Please join me in reading about being humble and to be the body of Christ for service. When you read this passage, do you say, “I do use my gift from God in humble service?”

There are so many different parts in things here on earth. How can they all work for one goal, one purpose? Do we as humans here on this planet work for God? Do we take responsibility seriously, or is that a word slowly fading away?

These verses make me ask questions about who we are as human beings. How can so many of us with such different lifestyles, personalities and environments, come together? We want our independence and our freedom, and not to be told what to do or when to do it. Ha!

What about what we wear? Read the scripture. How can so many members all working differently and totally opposite of each other, come together and form one body? Easy! Through Jesus Christ, we come together with humility, honesty, strength, joy, happiness, compassion and love of all.

God gives us all a gift to understand and use in the world to make it a better place. We think we are so different; we may think there is no way, but really, we are alike. We are humans made in the image of God to perform in humble service in union, to create the body of Christ here on earth.

We all play an intricate part of the body, just like our own hands, feet, ears and eyes. No part is any more special than the other, working together separately and yet in unison. Can we start to come together and start working together in unison, in harmony, in humility and service to God?

This is a great set of verses to read and contemplate. How does it speak to you? What is your gift God has given to you and are you using it completely as God intended?

Be who GOD created you to be here on earth and give thanks. Always be thankful we are a part of something bigger than ourselves. Amen.