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Move over to protect those who protect us


Every year, an average of more than 145,000 traffic crashes happen throughout Wisconsin. Many of the crashes create a need for emergency response, because of property damages or urgent medical needs. Therefore, Nov. 9-15, has been proclaimed Traffic Incident Response Awareness Week.

The WisDOT joins other organizations, in a nationwide effort to raise awareness about the important, dangerous job of crash response.

“First responders have no choice but to work dangerously close to moving traffic,” said WisDOT secretary- designee Craig Thompson. “We want to make sure that every one of them goes home to their families at the end of their shift. The single best thing you can do to help in that effort, is to move over and slow down when you see emergency lights.”

The following are steps motorists can take to help protect first responders: • Move over/slow down when passing by an incident scene, to provide a protective buffer for responders and the motorists traveling behind.

• If you can “Steer It, Clear It.” Many drivers think they should not move their car if they are involved in a fender-bender or crash. If (and only if) a car is drivable and there are no injuries, should the driver move the car to the shoulder or nearby safe place off of the road, before calling for help.

• Plan ahead. Know before traveling, with 511wi. gov, for updates on road conditions and incidents.

• Visit to learn more about safe driving tips, links to best practices for winter road safety and the law.

With the winter driving season beginning to take shape, Traffic Incident Response Week, is a timely reminder about the need for every driver to plan ahead, be patient and exercise additional caution on the road.