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Surveying complete at veterans memorial

By Julia Wolf

Work at the physical location of the future Holcombe Area Veterans Memorial has begun, as reported during a monthly meeting Oct. 15.

Jim Mataczynski, chairperson of the Holcombe Veterans Memorial Committee, reported that surveying of the memorial site is complete. The site, donated by Dave and Sue Staudacher, is located on 263rd Avenue, and visible from State Hwy. 27.

“It’s 2.3 acres, 88,298 square feet,” said Mataczynski, adding a portion of that acreage is the right-of-way. “There’s actually going to be a road between us and the power station.”

Mataczynski says he checked with zoning and the memorial is in compliance with everything, until they decide to construct a building.

“This is basically landscaping, what we’re doing, so once we start looking at a building, then we’re going to be talking again with them,” said Mataczynski.

Ronnie Arts, group member, asked what kind of building they were talking about. Mataczynski says, way in the future, they may build a museum with veterans history and local Holcombe history. He says the project will boil down to money and is not planned anytime soon.

“People don’t realize what veterans have gone through,” said Mataczynski. “...That’s what’s so important about what we’re doing. This is for the community, just as much as it is for us.”

Mataczynski also reported he recently picked up the donation letters to mail out and gave a copy out for each attendee to look over. He explained the tan paper the letter is printed on symbolizes the sand those deployed overseas have fought in for the past 20 years.

He says the letters will be mailed out soon, but the group agreed they need a web designer to create a website before the letters are sent.

The group also began planning for a small, ground-breaking ceremony. Mataczynski plans to put a temporary flag pole with a solar light at the site for the event.