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You have to spend money, to get money

Lake Holcombe Town Board

Thanks to a Route to Recovery Grant, the Town of Lake Holcombe can purchase some things that were on a wish list, but not in the budget, and get reimbursed for the expenses. Clerk Tracey Larson reported her findings on the matter, at a regular meeting Sept. 10.

Included on list of things that were already approved in the first round of grants, are tables for the town hall, as many townships are replacing their heavy, wooden tables, with lighter plastic ones, which are easier to move and maintain.

“That’s great news,” said supervisor Doug Olson.

Larson also said the town can purchase more hand sanitizer for the unit at the Wayside Park, as well as a unit to have on hand for elections at the town hall.

A smart TV could also be purchased for the hall, in which case, internet would be needed. Chairman Brian Guthman said the town hall would have to have WiFi – a big expense – but said if the grant reimbursement would pay for installation, the town could swing the monthly bill.

Olson asked if the TV/WiFi is for televising board meetings. Larson said most likely and that it could also be utilized by anyone who rents the hall.

The board instructed Larson to look into how much a TV would cost, as the town has about $16,000 to spend, before reimbursement.

Guthman also brought up an issue a resident requested be looked into. A lady residing on West Fisher Drive, asked that the 55 mph speed limit be dropped to 35 mph hour along that road. She cited the feeling that it is hazardous to back out of her drive, as people go speeding through that area.

David Staudacher, supervisor, said he didn’t think it would be bad to drop the speed to 45 mph along there, but Olson pointed out that without county law enforcement on the road, it probably wouldn’t do much good.

“They (traffic) don’t follow the 55, so why would they follow the 25?” asked Larson.

Guthman agreed and said although the board sympathizes with the woman, there isn’t much the town can do about the matter and will suggest the resident try pulling out of her drive, instead of backing out.

As for excessive junk and vehicles on the road’s right-ofways in parts of the town, some people have been contacted, with the board informing them they have 30 days to comply or they will be fined if the area remains filled with clutter. Guthman said a residence on 290th Street has done some work, after a notice was sent out, and that property on 293rd Street has been completely mowed and cleaned up.

However, a parcel on 266th Avenue is still considered unacceptable and no work had been done as of the meeting.

“I think we should go ahead this month with the 30-day notice on that,” said Guthman, to which members agreed.

Guthman also reported that work is still progressing on the yard waste disposal site and says he had to provide the DNR with an address for the site. With all paperwork in, Guthman hopes to have a preliminary walk-through approval set up yet this month.

The Ordinance Committee the town is forming to revamp regulations, is also a work in progress and needs a couple more people to complete the committee. Interested parties can contact the clerk or Guthman.

As a notice to the public, a budget, levy and highway expenditures meeting will take place Oct. 8, at 6 p.m., prior to the regular meeting.