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Poplar Street block grant project wraps up

Cadott Village Board

The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) project along Poplar Street in Cadott, came to a close Sept. 21, as Cadott Village Board members approved the final pay request for the project, during a regular meeting.

“This is it,” said Len Schreiber, Cedar Corp. “This is the final of the whole CDBG project.”

Schreiber says things came in pretty well for the project, with only a few overruns. He says there were four items that were extra and completed as part of the project.

“For such a large project, that’s actually kind of a small amount,” said Schreiber.

He said the unexpected items included verification of the water main on Yellow Street, repair of a storm sewer leak found when digging up a water main and some manhole work. The extra work came to $7,741.50.

The amount for the sixth and final pay request, was for $52,368.

Following a closed session meeting, members voted to move forward with creating TIF District 6. The exact boundaries of the TIF have not yet been set.

Members also heard an update on garbage and recycling services from Mark Vinell, Advanced Disposal.

Vinell says Waste Management had made an offer to purchase Advanced Disposal in April 2019, and could be completed by Oct. 1. He says the Department of Justice (DOJ) has been involved in reviewing the transaction.

“We’re certainly anticipating the DOJ is going to require a lot of divestitures, when this deal is finally approved, assuming it’s finally approved,” said Vinell.

He said landfills may be sold off, with Green for Life (GFL) identified as a potential buyer. He says quite a few portions of hauling companies will most likely need to be divested, as well.

“I’d love to tell you what is really going to happen, but until the deal is done, it’s not done,” said Vinell, though he anticipates it will probably look a lot different in the Chippewa Valley if the deal goes through.

Vinell says Waste Management will have to abide by agreements set under Advanced Disposal.

In committee reports, Russ Falkenberg, board member, says the Legal and Personnel Committee discussed options on how to handle locations with habitual health code violations. He says the committee also talked about a letter from the village attorney, outlining the village ordinance on the issue.

“There was a discussion of having the Board of Health tour these areas more frequently,” said Falkenberg.

He says the next step is directing the police department to enforce the ordinance.

Anson Albarado, board president, suggested the issue be put as an agenda item, instead of just under committee reports.

“Personally, I think it’s pretty well spelled out in the ordinance and it’s just time to follow the rules that we wrote,” said Falkenberg.

Board member Bart Chapek also asked about Halloween plans, since he has already been approached by people, wondering if the festivities will take place and what they will look like.

Clerk Sandy Buetow says she already mentioned it to Cadott Police Chief Louis Eslinger and he has reached out to the Department of Health to discuss the matter. Chapek suggested that Halloween activities go on the next agenda, as well.

As a notice to the public, Monday, Oct. 12, will be extra garbage pick-up. An extra bulk item, such as a couch or mattress, or up to six extra 30-gallon bags will be taken. Yard waste will not be accepted.