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LHIA replaces and repairs docks for improved safety

By Julia Wolf

The Lake Holcombe Improvement Association (LHIA) is doing its part to make access to Lake Holcombe safer and more convenient to use.

The association has donated two boat docks so far, one for the landing near Paradise Shores 4, which was purchased from Lake Holcombe Marina, and one for the Cranberry Lake landing, purchased from Mark’s Marine.

Jay Wicke, secretary with LHIA, says the Cranberry Lake dock hasn’t been installed yet, because of logistical issues.

The LHIA also contracted A& D Docks to revamp a dock on County Hwy. D, because it was becoming submerged during high water conditions.

“We worked together with the Rusk County Forestry Department on the design for that dock,” said Wicke.

The three docks chosen for repair and replacement, were decided on after reaching out to townships with property along the lake.

Wicke says the boat docks at the boat landings allow people to put their boat in, tie it off, and drive away and come back again.

“And, they’re maintenance free, so they’re not going to need paint or repairs, like the old ones did,” said Wicke.

Wicke says he was a member of a lakes association in Tomahawk, where they did a similar dock program. He says the program was well-received there, so the LHIA decided to try repairing and replacing docks here.

“Our docks on the lake around here were in real disrepair and were actually becoming unsafe,” said Wicke. “For the townships to take on that extra burden financially, especially nowadays, the money is just not there.”

The LHIA raised funds for the docks with membership fees and through Lake Fest, one of the organization’s biggest fundraisers.

Wicke says they would like to continue the dock program in the spring. He says people who notice a dock that may be a candidate for repair or replacement on Lake Holcombe, or landings leading to the lake, should contact a LHIA member.

“We’re willing to do more, if there’s more that are really in need of repair or replacement,” said Wicke.