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Site plan approved, variance requests to follow


Cadott Village Board

By Julia Wolf

Efforts to get Road Runner Repair’s new location in the Cadott industrial park up and running, continued, after board members approved a site plan for the business, during a regular meeting Aug. 17.

Len Schreiber, Cedar Corp., says the Planning and Development Committee met earlier in the evening, and laid out what the project for the repair shop will look like.

“Some of the things to note on the plan, we went through the code,” said Schreiber. “He (Aaron Vizer, Road Runner Repair) met all the setbacks and requirements.”

Schreiber says the proposed signage was a little larger than allowed for a wall sign.

He also noted there were also concerns around Road Runner meeting ordinance requirements for parking, but says a proposed solution was reached. Schreiber says, if the parking needs for just the retail portion of the building, instead of the total structure, are considered, there are more than enough spaces.

“He has four more parking spaces than what is required, once you do that,” said Schreiber.

Schreiber says the driveway cuts should also be looked at, since they are sightly wider than what is written in the code.

“So, we want to go for a variance on that 50 feet for the driveway, because he has large equipment coming in and out of there,” said Schreiber.

Board member Randy Kuehni asked if the signage and driveways could be requested as part of the same variance. Schreiber says he thinks it would make sense to do both at once.

Members approved the site plan, as presented.

Board members also approved an updated version of the 15th Amendment with the American Electric Power Renewables (AEP), to include information about the village’s agreement with Rice Lake.

A Memorandum of Understanding for a three-year term for a school resource officer was also approved. Albarado said the agreement is very similar to the previous ones.

“Have we had any issues or concerns with that?” asked Russ Falkenberg, board member.

Albarado says, after talking with the police chief and the school superintendent about it, the agreement seems to be working out OK.

Bart Chapek, board member, says he has heard from members of the police department, that building a connection with the students and getting to know them has been helpful.

As a notice to the public, the next regular Cadott Village Board meeting will be held, Tuesday, Sept. 8, at 6:30 p.m., because of Labor Day.