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Lake Holcombe seniors ready to take on the world

Lake Holcombe seniors ready to take on the world Lake Holcombe seniors ready to take on the world

Under a sun-filled sky the morning of Aug. 1, the Lake Holcombe Class of 2020, walked across the school football field, into the future. With restrictions because of COVID-19, this year’s commencement ceremony saw four attendance tickets handed out to family members, with social distanced seating.

Valedictorian Jenna Brosted was front and center to address her classmates, who said if people never take risks or make mistakes, they could miss out on many learning opportunities.

“As a member of the Class of 2020, I can assure you that we have all made our share of mistakes,” said Brosted. “But we know from experience, that it’s not the mistake we will be judged by, but rather, how we respond to it.”

For example, in third grade, whenever anyone forgot to write their name on their turned in paper, Mr. Talbot would make that student write it 100 times on the back of the paper.

“Again, in third grade, a classmate of mine stood on top of the monkey bars and screamed, ‘I’m king of the world,’ and then proceeded to fall off and break his arm,” said Brosted. “We learned a lot of lessons in third grade.”

Fast forward to high school, where the class learned it’s not OK to bite a Chromebook for fun and that sticking a paper clip in an electrical outlet will create a lot of fuss.

“I think I can speak for my entire class, when I say we all made the mistake of taking our senior year for granted, because we didn’t know that March 17, would be our last day walking the halls of Lake Holcombe School,” said Brosted. “From that mistake, we learned to live in the moment and use each second we have together, to make memories that will last a lifetime.”

As the new Lake Holcombe alumni are preparing to start a new chapter, Brosted said opportunities may seem endless, but they need to make a conscious effort to learn from mistakes.

“So, as we all embark on our new journeys, I encourage you all to carry with you, the lessons you’ve learned from Lake Holcombe School,” said Brosted. “But most of all, I encourage you to be fearless in the pursuit of life. Don’t let the fear of making mistakes, hold you back from achieving greatness, but rather, use the mistakes you make along the path to success, to better yourself.”

The word commencement means “beginning” and superintendent Kurt Lindau joined the school district in wishing the best of luck to students, as they begin a new chapter in life.

“We hope that the Lake Holcombe School has given you a solid foundation, that will help you to be successful,” said Lindau.

He also took a moment to acknowledge Tim Sime, who served as teacher, coach and athletic director, before retiring this spring, after dedicating 18 years of his career to Lake Holcombe. Lindau says he talked to Sime on the phone the morning of the ceremony.

“I told him, that at about 11:15…if he could stand, wherever he was, so we could give him a round of applause,” said Lindau, who paused for a moment for those gathered to applaud Sime.

As for the seniors, Lindau said he researched 2002, which was the year the Class of 2020 was born. In his rememberings, 9/11 had just happened, Apple had just released the iPod and gas was less than $2/gallon.

“The world has come a long way since 2002,” said Lindau. “You’ll be entering a new world. Your ability to adapt to change, problem solve and communicate, will be extremely important.”

As a guide to the students, Lindau said they need to use imagination, go places, take part in activities, be charitable, not put things off, be nice, step out of the virtual world, take care of self, look both ways before crossing the street and find their dream job.

“Education has made you a better person, no one will ever be able to take your education away from you, because you earned it,” said Lindau. “I hope we will be reading about your positive accomplishments a year from now…the sky is the limit as to what you can accomplish. Go after it and achieve, get it done.”

Lindau said as an educator, it is an honor to see students learn and grow, and become the person they are at graduation.

“Thank you for letting all of us be a part of your lives,” said Lindau. “Go out and take on the world, but never forget Lake Holcombe High School.”

Scholarships and awards presented include the following:

• Jenna Brosted – Academic Excellence; American Red Cross; Cleaves; Excellence in Education; Holcombe United Methodist Church; Jump River Electric; Lake Holcombe Lions Club Four-Year College; LEO Club; Trevor J. Pierce; Lake Holcombe Honor; Lakeland Conference Academic All-Conference

• Paige Flater – Harley J. Hattamer Memorial; Lake Holcombe Lions Club Four-Year College; LEO Club; Lake Holcombe Honor; Lakeland Conference Academic All-Conference • Lorijane Haller – Michael and Vera Jansen; Kohl

• Megan Lechleitner – Frank and Susan Huettner; Jump River Electric; Trevor J. Pierce; Rusk County Memorial Foundation; Lake Holcombe Honor; Lakeland Conference Academic All-Conference; WIAA Scholar Athlete

• Alyssa Lee – Technical Excellence; Ladysmith Federal Savings & Loan; Lake Holcombe Lions Club Technical College; Lake Holcombe Sanitation; LEO Club; National Wild Turkey Federation; U.S. Bowling Congress

• Evan Moore – Jeanette and David Suchla

• Scott Seyler – Excellence in Education

• McKayla Strzok – American Red Cross; Chippewa Valley Electric; Frank and Susan Huettner; Lake Holcombe Lions Club Technical College; Trevor J. Pierce; Lake Holcombe Honor; Lakeland Conference Academic All-Conference

• Kyra Wright – Excellence in Education; Financial Aid Drawing; Lake Holcombe Lions Club Four-Year College; Lake Holcombe Honor; Lakeland Conference Academic All-Conference

Josh Willmarth receives his diploma from his mom/ school board member Anneleise Willmarth, during Lake Holcombe’s graduation ceremony Aug. 1. Valedictorian – Jenna Brosted Salutatorian – Kyra Wright