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Cadott school discusses updates to damaged areas

The Cadott School Board met to discuss how to move forward, following damage from an EF0 tornado that touched down in Cadott, July 21.

The meeting, held July 29, asked for feedback on items where the school might want to improve on damaged areas, not just replace what was already there.

Jenny Starck, district administrator, says as the week following the storm went on, they noticed more areas that had sustained damage.

“I guess the biggest thing is, there was quite a bit of damage to the roof,” said Ryan Beachem, director of buildings and grounds.

Beachem says the insurance company will cover the costs of the damaged portion on the high school roof. The roof section was put on in 2001, and Beachem says it is nearing the end of its lifespan.

“I think it’s a no-brainer to do the whole thing,” said Beachem, referring to the section of the roof that sustained damage.

Beachem also noted that redoing the area would get a new 20-year warranty on the roof. The estimate Beachem received, predicts the cost of the area will be $85,000$100,000 for the school’s portion, with the insurance portion separate.

Beachem says the tornado lifted the roof up and the foam is no longer adhered to the roof.

“At the same time, we could add a little more insulation to it,” said Beachem.

Mark Schley, board member, asked if they needed more than one bid for the roof, because it is a higher dollar amount project. Jenny Starck, district administrator, says the policy has caveats for emergency repairs or if price negotiations will not result in significant savings.

Beachem also noted anything over $100,000 requires an engineer. He said he would try to get another bid and figure in engineering costs needed to submit plans to solicit the bids.

Other members agreed it was a good idea to get another bid and the board moved to table the action on the roof repairs until more bids are received.

Beachem also said another damaged area he would like to see an upgrade on, is with the bleachers.

“The bleachers rolled over and got damaged,” said Beachem, talking about the portable bleachers near the baseball field.

Beachem says he doesn’t suggest fixing them, because they would have to be certified.

“I just don’t think it’s worth it,” said Beachem.

He says he would like to eliminate that set of bleachers and get a permanent set of bleachers to put over by the track. One of the portable sets by the track could be used to replace the baseball bleachers.

Beachem says the insurance adjuster estimated the value of the damaged bleachers was $20,000 and a new permanent set of bleachers would be about $35,000.

The permanent bleachers would be 33 feet long and 15 rows tall. The permanent bleachers would seat about 80 more people than the portable bleachers did. Beachem also says he doesn’t plan to place the permanent bleachers on a platform, making them handicap accessible.

Members approved a bid from B& R Bleachers for $35,374, for the bleachers and installation. Starck says insurance will pay for a portion of those costs.

“It’s not just district money,” said Starck.

Beachem also asked for board feedback on the baseball dugouts. He says he has heard some concerns about the dugouts, prior to the storm damage.

“I’m just looking for input if we want to upgrade or do anything different,” said Beachem.

Beachem says the feedback he has heard so far, is that the dugouts were too small. Some people also suggested the dugouts should be enclosed and suggested the possibility of storage there.

“They’re already gone, now would be the time to update them,” said Al Sonnentag, board member.

Schley asked how much insurance will cover on the dugouts.

“Well, they’ll do direct replacement,” said Beachem. “I don’t have a dollar amount yet.”

Board members tabled action on the dugouts until more information can be gathered.

Starck also took time during the meeting to recognize Sue Shakal, director of finance, for her efforts working with the insurance companies.