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Brenner faces eight charges after crash

Chloe Brenner, 26, Holcombe, appeared in court for an initial appearance, July 14.

Brenner faces one count of Injury by Intoxicated Use of a Vehicle, a felony. She also faces misdemeanors, with three counts of Cause Injury/Operate While Under Influence (1st) (PAC>=0.15); three counts of Cause Injury While Operating with PAC (1st) (PAC>=0.15); and one count of “Class B” or “Class C” Liquor Licensee Violate Closing Hours Rules.

The charges stem from an April incident, where Brenner was accused of failing to negotiate a curve while driving in the Holcombe area, crashing into a tree. The crash left one passenger with serious injuries and two other passengers with non-life-threatening injuries.

According to online court records, Brenner was informed of the charges.

Brenner was also given a $5,000 signature bond. As conditions of the bond, Brenner is not to possess, or consume, alcohol, illegal drugs or controlled substances not prescribed by authorized medical personal. She is also not to possess any drug paraphernalia or syringes, unless medically required.

She is not to go on any premises where the primary purpose is the sale of alcohol, except for employment purposes. Brenner is not to drive without a valid drivers license, or with any alcohol or drugs in her system.

Brenner is also to have no contact with Jarred Jiskra, Paul Nedland and Kaden Kinney, as part of the bond.

Brenner’s next scheduled court appearance is Aug. 26, at the Chippewa County Courthouse, for a review hearing.