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Areas of sewer in need of attention

Some sewer repairs are slated to happen, after the Cadott Village Board approved the maintenance during a regular board meeting July 20.

Rolly Tichy, public works, says the department cameras a certain number of blocks of sewer line each year, which is ordered by the DNR. This year, they encountered some areas in need of repair.

“Down on Kelly Street, we found where rocks had pushed through the side of the sewer system,” said Tichy, adding ground water is entering the system there.

Tichy also said a section of the sewer main on Elm Street is in need of maintenance.

R& R Waste Systems Cleaning, Inc., the company who does the camera work and grinding roots out of the system for the village, can repair the areas of Kelly and Elm streets for $2,500 each.

“Those are the only two we came across this year,” said Tichy of the areas that need fixing, other than some areas where roots needed to be ground out.

Chad Schuebel, lead water and wastewater operator, says the DNR asks the village to check a couple thousand feet of the system each year.

“How do you pick and choose?” asked board president Anson Alvarado.

Schuebel says they usually camera the older pipes, or areas that had caused problems.

Albarado asked about blacktopping costs for the repairs. Tichy said just the blacktop for the area would run between $1,500 and $1,800, but that the company is not planning to dig up the area to make repairs.

“They’re going to fix it in place,” said Tichy.

Schuebel says the sleeves the company uses for repair to the pipes should last a long time.

Members approved the repairs from R& R Waste Systems.

Board members also approved hardware and software program updates for the water, and wastewater departments.

Schuebel says the computer has been slow, and is not responding well since December or January. He says he contacted In Control Inc., to see what they could do.

“They kind of recommended that that system should be updated every five to seven years,” said Schuebel, adding it has been seven or eight years already.

Schuebel says he received a quote from them for $15,250, for the system and what the department needs.

“That’s cutting out, probably $40,000 worth of stuff that’s on the current computer,” said Schuebel.

Schuebel says the system is working, but is not as responsive as it used to be.

Russ Falkenberg, board member, asked what operating system the computer is using. Schuebel said he is not sure.

“If it’s something older than Windows 10, it’s most likely a security issue, as well,” said Falkenberg.

Schuebel says the computer can’t be updated without messing programs up, so the computer hasn’t been updated since it was new.

Clerk Sandy Buetow says the funding for the updates could come out of the wastewater equipment fund.

Members approved the hardware and software updates, as proposed by In Control.

During the public comment portion of the meeting, Aaron Hetchler, Wagon Wheel Mobile Home Park, noted that the $25,000 in delinquent and past due bills from former residents of the park, discussed at a previous meeting, stemmed from as far back as 2007. Hetchler also added those bills were not all acquired under the current ownership of the park.

In correspondence, Tichy reported he, a DOT representative and some others, did a walk-through on State Hwy. 27. He says some of the curb and gutter and blacktop is deteriorating.

Tichy says the DOT representative confirmed the curb and gutter is the responsibility of the village, even though the village does not collect road tax on the section.

“We’re not retrieving one dime out of this here, but it’s our responsibility,” said Tichy, of what bothers him the most about the situation.

Tichy says that stretch of the road is scheduled for replacement in 2026, and the curb and gutter will be replaced with it, if it is still in need of repairs then. Tichy says public works will do some minor repairs to washouts in the area in the meantime.