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Village addresses mobile home park complaints


Cadott Village Board

Mobile home parks were again the topic of discussion, as Cadott Village Board members discussed complaints they have received and violations found at Wagon Wheel Mobile Home Park, during a regular meeting July 6.

Anson Albarado, board president, said he asked the deputy clerk to look into how many trailers are in the park and how many people are behind on utility payments to the village.

Albarado also had a list of previous residents of the mobile home park who were behind on payments when the accounts were closed.

“People left and just left the bill,” said Albarado. “And if you add the last two sheets together, you’ll find that it is approximately $25,000.” He noted that the cost was “eaten” by the village over the years. While Albarado noted the problem is not unique to the mobile home park, he also pointed out it is unfair to taxpayers to have to foot the bill.

Cadott Police Chief Louis Eslinger reported the department has logged 29 complaints at the park since the beginning of the year.

“It’s a number of things, from domestic to harassment, mental health, etc.,” said Eslinger. “There are some bond violations. There is also some drug activity, as well.”

Eslinger also did a comparison with the Brown Street mobile home park, which is roughly half the size of Wagon Wheel. The Brown Street court had three calls since the beginning of the year.

“Those were an animal running at large and then to fire calls,” said Eslinger.

Eslinger also noted the Health Committee did a ridearound with him and found numerous issues with debris in Wagon Wheel.

“It needs some real serious love and tender care,” said Eslinger of the park.

Bart Chapek, board member, said he noticed on the ridearound that the appearance of Wagon Wheel was getting better for a while, but now seems like it is getting worse again.

Board member Russ Falkenberg said he looked back and found similar complaints about the park from 2015.

“I’m making a motion that we declare that property a chronic nuisance, in accordance with Section 11-6-10,” said Falkenberg.

Albarado told Aaron Hetchler, manager of Wagon Wheel Mobile Home Park, that they are not blaming him for the issues, but that the area has not gotten better. Falkenberg said the same, but that his point is the issues have been going on for more than five years.

Hetchler went through the complaints he has received from the Health Committee and what he has done to address those complaints with each resident.

Chapek also asked Hetchler what the requirements are to live in the park, such as if the person can have a criminal record or prior evictions. Hetchler said he is unsure what is all taken into consideration, since he is not the person who checks potential residents, but did say they do a hard background check.

Hetchler also noted that most of the people who are causing issues are people who were grandfathered in from the previous park owners.

Falkenberg noted that the problems are ongoing and that if the issues continue, the chronic nuisance ordinance would have the mobile home park start paying a portion of the law enforcement costs. Falkenberg then withdrew his motion to declare the park a chronic nuisance and said the motion was to make a point that the issues cannot continue.

The issue was also referred to the Legal and Personnel Committee.

Hetchler also asked the police department and village board members to notify him when law enforcement presence was needed in the mobile home park, so he can keep on top of the issue better.

Members also voted in favor of a certified survey map dividing three parcels into two parcels, at 230/232 E. Oak Street and 234/236 E. Oak Street.

“So what we’re trying to do here, is just create an easement for both parcels to get sewer, water and access to them,” said Shawn Meyer, Wissota Land Surveying. “So, we’re basically just reconfiguring the lot.”

During reports, board member Terry Licht said the Building and Lands Committee met to discuss the possibility of the village taking over the responsibilities of Brooklawn Cemetery. Licht reported the Cadott Cemetery Association, Inc., was able to find enough volunteers to continue to take care of the cemetery.

[caption id="attachment_72543" align="alignnone" width="279"] Aaron Hetchler, manager of Wagon Wheel Mobile Home Park, talked about what he is doing to try to address complaints about the park. The Legal and Personnel Committee will meet to discuss the issues further. Photo by Julia Wolf[/caption]