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Street parking needs to be regulated within city

“There has been concern on the parking of the streets,” said Aimee Korger, Cornell Public Health and Safety chair.

During a meeting July 2, parking was discussed on Cornell streets, for angle and trailer parking.

Police chief Brian Hurt said state statutes are very explicit with parallel parking.

“It says virtually nothing as far as angle parking,” said Hurt.

Hurt says residents have run into some close calls, as far as backing into spaces and making U-turns into the painted lines.

Korger said there needs to be wording in the city’s ordinance in order to enforce the proper way to pull into an angled space. Hurt said the department does educate people on the matter, but that some get obstinate about moving the backed in car.

Not only is it a hazard to back into a space, but also to pull out into oncoming traffic.

“You’re actually creating a head-on collision situation,” said Hurt.

The discussion also moved to campers, as some have been set up on city streets, with the sections pulled out, hoses/ cords running across the road or sidewalks to plug into buildings, and lights on in the camper.

“They are not cleaning that camper out,” said Korger. “They are camping on our city streets and…something needs to be addressed in my opinion, about our camper situation.”

Limited parking would include trailers, such as flatbed, enclosed and boat trailers. In looking at ordinances from other towns, the committee decided on a 48-hour parking restriction for any trailer weighing 16,000 pounds and/or 22 feet long.

“So, that took care of some our flatbeds,” said Korger.

The trailer parking also referenced the Stanley city ordi- nance, to include a time limit of 24 hours within a 15-day time period, to cut down on habitual parking offenders.

“They may move it and they may bring it back,” said Korger, “but they can only do it every 15 days.”

The proposed additions to the city ordinances will be brought to the council in a future meeting.

“Something needs to be done with the parking,” agreed mayor Mark Larson.