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Troestler takes Deferred Acceptance of Guilty Plea

Erin Troestler, 30, Jim Falls, pled to charges, during a hearing June 23.

Troestler faced two charges of Chronic Neglect of a Child (Specified Harm Did Not Occur).

In a separate case, Troestler also faced three charges of Intentionally Mistreat Animals, as a Party to a Crime; two charges of Intentionally Imp. Animal Shelter Space, as a Party to a Crime; two charges of Intentionally Imp. Animal Shelter-Sanitation, as a Party to a Crime; and one charge of Intentionally Fail/Provide Water for Animal as a Party to a Crime.

Defense attorney Haley Wright noted they do have a resolution for the matter.

“Miss Troestler will be entering a no contest plea to an amended count of misdemeanor child neglect,” said Wright.

Wright also noted Troestler would be entered in a Deferred Acceptance of a Guilty Plea agreement for 18 months.

State representative Wade Newell reported he prepared the amended complaint, but did not have it filed yet.

“Now, Miss Troestler, the state has amended Count 1...from a felony to a misdemeanor, alleging neglect of a child,” said Judge Steven Cray.

Cray said the maximum penalty for the charge is a $10,000 fine, up to nine months in jail, or both.

Troestler then pled no contest to the charge.

Instead of going with the plea agreement, Cray accepted the Deferred Acceptance of Guilty Plea agreement.

“There are rules you have to live by,” said Cray, referring to the conditions of the agreement. “Do all of those things, so that you can get the better disposition on this matter.”

Cray continued Troestler’s bond until the final resolution of the case. Cray also dismissed and read in the charges from the other case.

“Congratulations on your new, improved lifestyle,” said Cray to Troestler.