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Any and all tractor displays invited to outdoor Allis Fest

Something new to the area, is planned to bring entertainment to the community June 27-28, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., called the Allis Fest Tractor and Implement Show. The show is located eight miles north of Cadott, at 25309 County Hwy. S.

With free admission and no cost to display tractors of any make/model, the show is planning to draw in a crowd of admirers and collectors. Organized by self-proclaimed Allis-Chalmers addicts, Bill Harm, Cadott farmer, and Randy Larson, Conrath native, the duo want to show the public what tractors are around.

“I just wanted to take a picture of my tractors on the hill and my brother showed him (Larson) the picture,” said Harm, “and he (Larson) said after that it would be a good place to have a show. That’s kind of how it got started.”

Harm has 23 tractors altogether, and Larson, who has 14 tractors on his own, says he asked Harm if he would think about doing a tractor show, and at the beginning of this year, Harm gave the go ahead.

“He (Harm) has a nice location of his farm and nice display,” said Larson.

Larson and his wife are no strangers to organizing a largescale event, as the couple have put a couple other tractor shows together, including a large one in Minnesota, then starting one in Larson’s hometown of Conrath.

“It brings communities together,” said Larson.

In passing through the area many times, Larson says he’s seen the tractors and farms along the way, and thinks it’s a neat idea for the public to get to know the machines. He also mentioned that in many cases, people share memories of their grandfather, father or uncle using a similar piece of equipment, which they fondly recall.

“It’s just a neat community event that I think would be a real plus to bring people out, to let them show what they have,” said Larson. “We don’t need shiny, we don’t need show-perfect stuff. We’d love to see tractors still in their ‘working’ clothes.”

Those machines on display could be a lawn and garden tractor, or a 300 HP New Holland. There’s no limit and the fest will allow as many tractors as a person can bring.

“Bill’s been doing a lot of recruiting, you might want to call it, around the neighborhood,” said Larson. “We don’t care what color it is, even though we like our orange tractors. Bring in what you own.”

People who attend will be reminded to social distance, and there will be signs and people directing traffic, with parking on a hill overlooking the display area. There will also be shaded areas and a food vendor, with the outdoors event held rain or shine.

To display a tractor, people can call Harm at 715-313-3076, or Laron at 715-559-7542.

As for whether it will be an annual event, Larson says time will tell, that he and Harm just want to showcase tractors.

“Bring ’em, show ’em, be proud of what you got,” said Larson.