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Village helps library with 2019 budget overage

Village helps library with 2019 budget overage Village helps library with 2019 budget overage

Cadott Village Board

What should be done when someone has a budget overage? That’s what the Cadott Village Board discussed during their regular meeting June 1, after the Cadott Community Library was over budget in 2019.

“Did you want to have it back?” asked village clerk Sandy Buetow. “Or did you want to just absorb that?”

The overage totaled $2,155.88. Buetow says a number of things contributed to the discrepancy, one of which was the library trying a new program, and that the director is fairly new to the job.

Board president Anson Albarado said, from his understanding, the current library director also based the budget on the previous director’s budget.

“They don’t really have the money to pay it back, do they?” asked Bart Chapek, board member.

Albarado said they could take it off next year’s budget, if that is what the board wants.

Buetow also noted there have not been a lot of issues with the library budget going over in the past.

Members agreed to the village absorbing the excess cost this time, but make it clear that the library may have to repay the overages if it happens again.

Board members also approved a developer’s agreement with Road Runner Repair, LLC, for development of the vacant industrial park property.

The agreement reflects changes discussed at a previous meeting. Patrick Beilfuss, Cedar Corp., says the details around who pays for what, regarding the electrical service to the lot, had been worked out. The agreement specifies that the developer is responsible for extending the electric service from the transformer to the building, with the village providing the primary loop, sectionalizer cabinet and transformer to the property.

Beilfuss says the next step is to forward the developer’s agreement on to Road Runner Repair.

“If he’s OK with it, at some point, we should just get together and sign it,” said Beilfuss.

Members also approved the Certified Survey Map for the vacant lot in the industrial park that Road Runner Repair is in the process of purchasing.

Albarado also talked about how Cadott may be eligible for some reimbursement of COVID-19 expenses, through

See CADOTT VILLAGE BOARD/ Page 3 a program. He says Cadott is eligible for up to $23,687 in reimbursement, based on the population, for expenses such as purchasing protective equipment, disinfectants and some election costs.

Albarado says eligible expenses can be sent in, with the expenses deducted from the eligible amount.

“You would probably be surprised how much you spent,” said Randy Kuehni, board member.

Albarado also gave an update to the board on American Electric Power Renewables (AEP) Solar Energy Project with Rice Lake, and possibly being a part of their project. He said there are three projects: Rice Lake, Barron and Spooner.

“We are too small to try and build our own solar project,” said Albarado.

Albarado says he is planning a closed session for the board to have a conversation with an AEP representative and discuss if it would benefit Cadott, for the next regular meeting.

Len Schreiber, Cedar Corp., says the final layer of paving on the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) project on Poplar Street is scheduled to happen Wednesday, June 10.

As a notice to the public, during the regular meeting Monday, June 15, a new member is slated to be appointed to fill the vacant spot on the Cadott Village Board.