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Beverage/cigarette receipts made easier for commerce

The Department of Revenue Administrative Rules have been suspended, in order to make certain commerce safer and maintain social distancing Emergency Order 33 orders the suspension of Administrative Rules, overseen by the Department of Revenue. The rules were suspended by Gov. Tony Evers, to allow for social distancing during business transactions.

Andrea Palm, Department of Health Services secretarydesignee, ordered March 24, that all essential businesses and operations shall meet social distancing requirements between all individuals on their premises, to the best extent possible.

Administrative Rules Wis. Admin. Section TAX 7.01(5) (f), 8.21(2)(g) and 9.47(1)(e), which require signatures for the receipt of fermented malt beverages, intoxicating liquor, and cigarettes, respectively, were suspended for the duration of the health emergency.

This suspension allows for distributors to conduct daily business, while still maintaining social distancing and other recommended public health guidelines. Current administrative rules require retailers to sign for deliveries of alcohol beverages, cigarettes and tobacco products.

It is difficult to obtain signatures and maintain social distancing. Allowing flexibility for other types of delivery acknowledgements, like emails, are a better way to engage in business without putting critical employees at risk.

Additionally, Administrative Rules Wis. Admin. §§ TAX 61.08(11)(c), 61.04(1)(d), also temporarily suspends minimum sales requirements for lottery retailers, to allow them to focus on the safety of customers and staff. The suspension waives the requirement that retailers must sell $1,200 worth of lottery products quarterly, in order to remain a licensed Wisconsin Lottery retailer.

This order is effective immediately and shall remain in effect for the duration of the public health emergency, as declared in Executive Order 72.