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Village buys porta potty, per employee request

Cadott Village Board

The Cadott Village Board took action on a request from the person who mans the brush site, during a regular meeting April 20.

Previously, the person asked if a porta potty could be put up at the site for his use while he is manning the site. Rolly Tichy, public works, agreed to look into the prices.

Tichy reported they could buy a used unit, starting at $450.

“Then, I could have our local company here, they would go out and pump it when needed, for $35,” said Tichy.

Tichy says a porta potty could be rented for $160 per month, and would get pumped every two weeks.

“So, by the time you get done renting the unit for the season, you’ll have more into it than you would with purchasing,” said Tichy.

Anson Albarado, board president, asked how disinfecting the unit would work. Tichy said the unit would only be for the worker’s use, so there shouldn’t be multiple people touching the unit.

Members voted in favor of purchasing a porta potty and pumping the unit when needed, through a local company.

The public works department also gave an update on action they have taken during the COVID-19 pandemic, to keep village employees and community members safe. Albarado said public works employees were alternating working and staying home.

Albarado says every time someone is home, it is costing the village money. He says he told Tichy, if public works

See CADOTT VILLAGE BOARD/ Page 3 can get by with two workers and himself, they might have to furlough the other employees.

“That means they would have to stay home without pay, but get their benefits,” said Albarado.

Tichy says he is waiting until the end of the week, to get infection numbers from the area, and make a decision what to do.

“(I’d like to) try to get back to normalcy, because I’ve got a lot of work to get done,” said Tichy.

The board also accepted the resignation of Cadott Police Officer Chris Tibbits, after a previous closed session hearing. Tibbits requested the resignation, because of family matters.

Board member Randy Kuehni reported the Planning and Development Committee met with Cedar Corp., to discuss the potential sale of village land in the industrial park to an individual. Kuehni said a second committee meeting on the issue was set for April 21, to discuss further what the individual would do with the land and details of what the sale could look like.

Albarado also thanked those who worked at the election, especially clerk Sandy Buetow, Tichy, Cadott Police Chief Louis Eslinger and Officer Hunter Imm, who stepped up after poll workers could not work the polls, because of their age. Albarado asked the village extend a $75 stipend to the four people.

“The money would come out of what would normally have been budgeted for the poll workers,” said Albarado.

Albarado asked for board feedback on the idea, before making an executive decision on the matter. Members supported going forward with the stipend.

Members also thanked board member Les Liptak for his time serving the village, which was about 23 years. Liptak, who was not re-elected to a trustee position in the April 7 election, expressed his appreciation for all who work on behalf of the village and encouraged everyone to keep up the good work.

“I just want each one of you to know, you’ve added a positive aspect to my life,” said Liptak.

Buetow says she will find a way to swear in the new board members before the next meeting, as the meetings are held by conference call until the COVID-19 health emergency is past.

As a notice to the public, the spring bulk clean-up scheduled for Monday, May 11, has been canceled.

The public is also reminded that all garbage must be contained in the garbage disposal containers in order to be collected. Items laying around the containers will not be picked up.