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Road construction goes forward as was planned

The WisDOT says the construction of 371 roadway infrastructure projects throughout the state, are currently scheduled to proceed this season. With close collaboration with contractors to maintain safe and productive work environments, work is already underway on more than 65 projects.

“Our well-being and our economy depend on a safe highway system, and this work will be vital to our recovery efforts now and in the future,” said WisDOT secretarydesignee Craig Thompson. “My gratitude goes out to our employees and all our contractors, for the hard work they are performing with diligence and care.”

The WisDOT is working with staff, contractors and laborers, to follow the latest guidance from public health officials to prevent the spread of COVID-19. These measures include increased sanitation requirements in work zones, social distancing, and teleconference or electronic meeting requirements.

Decreased traffic in Wisconsin allows more flexibility for some projects. Lane restrictions cause less impact to the public and safety zones can be expanded.

Remember, when entering a work zone please pay attention to surroundings. Eliminate distractions like eating, drinking, talking on the phone or using other electronic devices.

Expect the unexpected. Speed limits may be reduced, traffi c lanes may be changed, and people and vehicles may be working on, or near, the road. Rear-end collisions are the most common work zone crashes, so don’t tailgate.

Allow about four seconds of braking distance and look for signs. Orange, diamond-shaped signs usually givew ample warning of lane closings, construction areas, and flaggers and other workers ahead.

Be patient. Observe the signs until one says the work zone is behind. Plan ahead. Leave early or map out an alternate route. Find the latest road conditions and work zone news at 511 Wisconsin.

Follow the law. Slow down or move over, if possible, when spotting flashing lights.