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Wrestling back on the mat with co-oped Wolfpack team

Lake Holcombe School Board

After taking a couple years off from a co-op wrestling agreement with the Cornell and Gilman school districts, the Lake Holcombe School Board decided to jump back into the partnership. The new agreement was approved at a regular meeting March 23.

Superintendent Kurt Lindau says after the district did research on whether they had any students interested in high school wrestling next year, it was recommended to enter into the co-op. Lake Holcombe already co-ops middle school students in the program.

Lindau says he is all in favor of giving students access to a sport they desire.

“If you don’t offer wrestling, you’ll probably have some students that would open enroll out of the district,” he said.

Members also approved a 2020-21 psychology 66.30 contract with the Winter School District. Lake Holcombe looked for someone to fill the need throughout the school year, and ended up purchasing services from the Cornell School District to get through the school year.

With Lindau exploring the options and conducting interviews, the shared services with Winter seem to be the best bet for Lake Holcombe.

“I think it’s pretty straightforward that we need one (psychologist),” said board president Brian Guthman.

In other business, the board accepted $500, from Croix Gear in Hudson, to LH Products; $200, from Beverly Gygi in memory of Josephine Gygi, to the music department; and $23.10, from Eastbay Lodge’s Dine & Donate, to the band program.

With the school closed until further notice by the governor, in response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic sweeping the state, Lindau also reported on the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCA), which was passed by legislature. The act goes into effect April 2, and expires Dec. 31.

“It covers employers that have 500 or less employees,” said Lindau.

There are two parts to FFCA, where employees are paid emergency sick leave, providing 10 days or two weeks for any employee infected with COVID-19, who are then eligible to receive their regular rate of pay.

Lindau says FFCA expands the current Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) program.

The second part deals with an employee who is unable to go to work because their child is out of school or daycare. The employee can apply for up to 12 weeks of FMLA, at 2/3 the regular rate of pay.

Tax credits may be available for employers to help offset costs to implement the FMLA, but Lindau says that is still on the bargaining table at the moment.

As a notice to the public, the next regular board meeting has been switched to Monday, April 27, to officially swear in newly elected board members. It’s unclear if that meeting will be virtual, depending on if the public gathering ban that is currently in place, has been lifted.