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Fiesta looks to get more involved in new building

What better way to make friends, than host a taco fiesta?

“We need friends,” said Samma Johnson, Cadott Community Library director.

Johnson says the taco fiesta, held at the library March 27, at 5:30 p.m., serves as a meet-and-greet, where people can come and get answers to their questions about the Friends of the Cadott Community Library. The Friends group, a 501(c) (3), now has the primary goal of getting the library a new building.

“They are going to be on the frontlines of helping us fundraise and grant write,” said Johnson.

Johnson says they don’t have a very large Friends group right now and they would like to see that change. The organization doesn’t meet often, usually on a quarterly basis. Johnson says there is a mailing list people can join, so they can see the agendas for meetings ahead of time.

“As we are starting this major fundraising campaign, chances are, we will have kind of like a committee formed around the project,” said Johnson. “That committee might meet more regularly.”

The Friends are not just a monetary donation organization. Johnson says people can also donate their time or skills.

“It’s not just about money,” said Johnson, “and I think that’s something very easy to forget when you hear that our main project is getting a new building.”

She says the Friends helps keep the library open, beyond what their normal budget allows. While the building is going to be the main project, the group helps with many other things.

Recently, the Friends helped the library purchase a small Spanish language collection and update some of the foreign language materials. They also helped bring in speakers and programs.

“They’re a worthwhile organization,” said Johnson.

Johnson says she is hoping to get donations from area grocery stores, for the food, for the event and there is no cost to attend the taco party. Vegetarian options will also be available.

“Anyone who is interested in Friends, or at the very least, free tacos, is welcome to come,” said Johnson.