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New home approved for veterans memorial

New home approved for veterans memorial New home approved for veterans memorial

The proposed Holcombe Area Veterans Memorial is slated to go up in a new location, after veteran and memorial treasurer David Staudacher, offered to donate a parcel of land for the project. Members approved moving the plans to the new location, during a regular meeting Nov. 21.

Previously, the group planned to build the memorial on property at the Lake Holcombe Lions Club Pavilion.

Jim Mataczynski, memorial chairperson, said the group put the item on the Lake Holcombe Town Board agenda for discussion earlier in the month. The discussion revolved around whether an agreement between townships could be formed to insure and maintain the memorial, if the memorial was placed on the land Staudacher offered.

“We would like to have somebody take over ownership, I suppose would be the right word,” said Mataczynski.

Brian Guthman, memorial group member and Lake Holcombe Town Chairman, said his goal is to involve all the townships within the Lake Holcombe School District. Guthman added there would have to be some fair way to split the cost, such as by population of square area in the district.

“We can do it however all of the townships decide,” said Guthman, adding the decision would probably be solidified in an intergovernmental agreement.

Maintenance, like snow plowing or lawn mowing, would probably be charged to the memorial’s line item on the budget.

“As long as there are people contributing to it, putting stones in and that kind of thing, there should never be a money problem,” said Guthman. “It should continue to selfgenerate.”

Dave Conrad, group member, asked what would happen if only half the townships agreed. Guthman said they would decide if that came up, but doesn’t see why other townships wouldn’t go along with it.

Guthman said insurance for the memorial may be able to go under the town’s policy, if the memorial is classified as a park.

“I think it’d be a lot cheaper to have it under our (town’s) insurance...than to go out and purchase your own insurance,” said Guthman.

The group voted in favor of accepting Staudacher’s offer for about 300x150 feet of land, located on 263rd Avenue. The parcel is visible from State Hwy. 27.

“I would consider, if the group needs more space, expanding it,” said Staudacher.

Carol Bell, group member, also added that if the memorial grows and additional parking is needed in the future, they live kitty-corner across the street and would be willing to work something out.

Next, the group heard an update on the design process. Conrad said he and Ron Jiskra talked to a company in Chippewa Falls, and one in Viroqua, about monument designs and prices. One of the companies offers design help, as well, either a little or up, to a turn-key design.

“We can maximise the number of pavers we can get into an area,” said Conrad.

Guthman said people have asked him about having murals, similar to those in Ladysmith installed. He said the murals could be used to cover some things that do not look as nice on adjacent properties.

“Coming up the highway, you see a mural like that, of all these soldiers standing in the mural, it sure would draw you in to look at the memorial,” said Guthman.

See VETERANS MEMORIAL/ Page 3 The group also talked about how their organization would be structured if the township did take ownership of the project, if they would be considered a committee. Members also questioned if donations to the town, if the townships took over management, would be tax deductible.

“Maybe that’s the next step for the planning committee,” said Lion Ray Guthman. “Check with some of these memorials around and see who has the ownership, and see how they’re set up.”

In new business, Terry and Tracy Geist offered to make, and donate, a sign for the memorial.

“I’ve seen some of Terry’s work and it is awesome,” said Mataczynski.

Members agreed to accept the donation.