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Veterans memorial could be in line for change of address

Don’t make out a Christmas card just yet for the proposed Holcombe area veterans memorial, as a final site has yet to be decided on. The memorial was supposed to be located on a corner of land at the Lake Holcombe Lions Club pavilion, but recent events may have changed things.

David Staudacher, Holcombe veteran, has agreed to donate up to 2 acres of his land on State Hwy. 27, between the existing substation and the row of trees along the east side of his property. If the land is accepted, it was asked that the Town of Lake Holcombe take over management of the memorial once it is complete.

The matter was discussed at a regular Lake Holcombe Town Board meeting Nov. 14.

“Is there a way we can share the cost with all the other townships?” asked town chairman Brian Guthman.

Guthman says he would like to be fair to taxpayers, as veterans in the Lake Holcombe School District, which includes parts of seven townships, would have their names listed on the memorial. Guthman says he talked to the Town’s Association and that an inter-mu-

See VETERANS MEMORIAL/ Page 3 nicipal agreement is something that is done for a lot of projects of that nature.

However, Guthman says it would be nice to have a nonexpiring contract with the other townships, promising to provide maintenance for the site and electricity costs, even though the memorial should pay for itself. If the agreement is reached, the boards would have to determine how contributions would work, based on population or how many students are enrolled in the district from each township.

“I think there would have to be some kind of calculation in it for population and land mass…but all that could be worked out,” said Guthman, adding he had talked to one board chairman, who didn’t think an agreement would be a problem.

Guthman says getting the agreement together could take some time, as Lake Holcombe Town will need to have a sitdown meeting with each board involved.

“I like the idea of the location,” said supervisor Doug Olson.

As for the design of the memorial, Jim Mataczynski, town treasurer and chairman for the veterans memorial, says veteran Dave Conrad found Krause Monument Company out of Viroqua.

“They basically take it over for you,” said Mataczynski.

The company will take a design in mind for the memorial, complete the design, then hire contractors for $100,000, depending on how big and complicated the committee wants to go. Before that comes to fruition, the location of the memorial has to be given the go ahead.

“We got a sign built, we just got to decide on the site,” said Mataczynski.

With approval from Guthman and Olson (supervisor Staudacher abstained), it was agreed that Lake Holcombe Town would take on management of the memorial, if the veterans committee agrees to it. A meeting will be held Thursday, Nov. 21, at the Lions pavilion, to bring the site change proposal before the Holcombe Area Veterans Memorial Planning Committee.

Mataczynski says if the new site is approved, the plans will eventually need to go in front of the town’s electors.

“If we’re going to go in front of electors, we have to have our ducks in a row,” said Guthman.