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Members discuss wood-burning kiln in village limits

Cadott Village Board

What needs to be done to allow a commercial kiln within village limits? That’s a question the Cadott Village Board considered during a regular meeting, Nov. 18.

Jon Bowe approached the village about potentially installing a kiln in his business, located near Dollar General. The kiln would be used to dry wood, so the wood can be used for campfire wood.

“I asked Rolly (Tichy, public works) if there would be a problem with a wood-burning kiln down there,” said Bowe. “...There’s really a very small chance I would end up with one.”

Bowe said he is currently leaning toward a natural gaspowered kiln instead.

Merle Huhn, board member, asked how long the kiln would be continuously in operation, if it were the woodburning variety of kiln. Bowe said it would run two days at a time for a load of wood to dry, but would be reloaded soon after, for the next batch.

“Just in the winter time,” said Bowe. “I don’t think I’d do anything in the summer.”

Bart Chapek, board member, said they looked into the ordinances and a wood-burning kiln would be considered the same as a wood stove.

“There are rules against that in the village,” said Chapek.

Board president Anson Albarado said the board would consider issuing a conditional use permit if Bowe decides to pursue a wood-burning kiln.

Bowe said there were previously kilns in the building, though he did not know what fueled them.

Members noted they would probably would not have to take any action if Bowe decided to go with natural gas, but said if Bowe decides he wants a wood-burning kiln, he should bring the issue back to the board for further discussion.

In other business, members discussed proposed changes to the Code of Ordinances. The Ordinance Committee is working with Cedar Corp. to make the updates.

“Some are wrong,” said Chapek. “Some will say one thing, some will say another thing.”

The code will be brought before the full board for discussion and possible approval, during the Dec. 16 regular meeting.

Members also discussed an electrical service that needs to be moved on Stacy Court. A buried electrical line had a garage built over it, so the line needs to be moved. Members discussed who should pay for the move, since the owner did not know the garage was built over the line.

Members tabled the discussion until the next meeting, so they have information on the cost of the materials.