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Know what pesticides are used around your home

The Landscape Pesticide Registry is now available to sign up for the 2020 growing season, and will remain open until Feb. 1. The registry allows users to request that commercial lawn care companies notify the property owner, before they apply pesticides to lawns, trees and shrubs on the block of residence, or on blocks immediately adjacent.

Participants have to list any/all addresses for which they want notification, on the free registry.

If already an active user of the registry, individuals should have received an email or a letter from the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP), reminding them to renew participation, with instructions. Returning participants can log onto their existing MyDATCP account to renew their registration.

Registering online will continue until Feb. 1, at mydatcp., while paper applications are available at datcp. Applicants using the paper application, must re-list all desired addresses each year they register; addresses do not carry over from year to year.

Properties cannot be added after the open enrollment ends Feb. 1. The registry will be closed to the public, so department staff can review it for ineligible addresses. It will take effect March 15, when pesticide applicators will be able to search it to find out if any of their clients’ addresses are listed.

The registry applies only to commercial landscape applications. Homeowners or landlords who do their own applications, are not covered by the notification requirements, nor are applications to the inside or outside of buildings.

The registry does not allow for notification of pesticide use in agriculture, or for someone to be notified about applications around the workplace, children’s school or daycare center.