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Veterans memorial mission statement gets go-ahead

By Julia Wolf

The Holcombe area veterans memorial group voted to approve a mission statement, during a meeting Oct. 17.

Jim Mataczynski, group chairman, says a few of the group members met to work on a mission statement to bring before the full group.

“We felt it should be short and to the point,” said Mataczynski.

The draft brought before the group read: We are dedicated to provide a place of honor to pay tribute to all veterans, past, present and future.

Brian Guthman, group member, asked if they planned to add a phrase specifying the tribute is for veterans in the Lake Holcombe area.

The group voted in favor of adopting the statement: We are dedicated to provide a place of honor to pay tribute to all Holcombe area veterans, past, present and future.

Mataczynski also reported that work on bylaws for the group is ongoing.

Mataczynski says he spoke to attorney Mary Hoel about taking on the group, but Hoel said she does not have time to take on the project. However, Hoel did suggest to Mataczynski that the group call the IRS to make sure a 501(c)(3) is the proper organization-type for the memorial, as opposed to another number.

“I also asked her (Hoel) about this name, an organization or an association,” said Mataczynski. “And what she said, is we should be an LLC that’s charity.”

Dave Conrad, group member, asked if they can receive donations under that. Mataczynski said that is where the charitable part and possibly different number comes in.

The group agreed to contact the IRS before moving forward with that portion of the planning.

Group members also voted to split the secretary/treasurer position, held by Dave Staudacher. Staudacher will maintain the treasurer position and Judy Simpson was selected to take over the secretary position.

Staudacher also offered to donate one acre of land on 263rd Avenue, with visibility from the highway.

“It’s relatively close to the substation, so it wouldn’t be a long distance to get power to it,” said Staudacher.

He said the space would be approximately 300x150 feet and he would retain the agricultural driveway adjacent to the substation.

Group members talked about how the land would work with upkeep, insurance, liability and other legal aspects of the memorial.

“I know the Lions made a very generous offer to us here,” said Staudacher.

Guthman said they would also have to talk to the town about the possibility.

The veterans memorial group meets the third Thursday of each month, at 7 p.m., in the Lake Holcombe Lions Club pavilion.