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Marathon farmers’ market is proposed

Marathon farmers’ market is proposed Marathon farmers’ market is proposed

The Marathon City Village board last week Wednesday directed village administrator Andy Kurtz to work with town of Marathon farmer Randy Wokatsch to iron out the details of having a farmers market on the 400 Block of Main Street.

Wokatsch said he rents land to a number of vegetable farmers who sell produce in the summer and early fall months at area farmers markets. He told board members he would be willing to be a “facilitator” and bring these producers to the 400 Block to sell food.

Board members said they liked the idea and told Kurtz to work out project details, including where the market would be located on the 400 Block, what would be the hours of operation and furnishing the market with trash cans.

Wokatsch said he is seeking Marathon community members who would be willing to serve on a board that would oversee the operation of a 400 Block farmers market.

He said he envisioned the Marathon City market being run like the farmers market in Wausau. There, he said, farmers pay $175 a year to rent a 15 by 15 foot space where they can set up a 10 by 10 foot canopy. Farmers must provide their own insurance and electrical power, if needed, he said, and will need a health department certificate if they are serving cooked food.

Wokatsch said he would leave it to the local board to determine whether food not grown by local farmers would be permitted at the market along with other policy questions.

Kurtz said he thought the farmers market could be a “good fit” and “provide a benefit” to the Marathon community. He said the village’s involvement would be “minimal.”