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Students need to use free school time wisely

Cornell School Board

“We still have to have better one-on-one time with our teachers.”

Cornell High School principal Dave Elliott is still working through the kinks of this school year, as he has seen kids hanging out in a teacher’s room, because they feel comfortable there. Elliott mentioned the matter during a regular Cornell School Board meeting Jan. 27.

Elliott says it is a different thing if the kids really need help with something or are nervous about a test, rather than just staying in a room for familiarity.

Craig Braaten, assistant principal, agreed, saying the kids in rooms are not disruptive, but says even with “free school time” to go to the IMC or gym, many are choosing to stay in a teacher’s room.

“That time is really for those other students that need the intervention,” said Braaten, “not for the three or four who just want to be somewhere.”

Also discussed, was the recent Wisconsin School Board Association State Convention. Clerk Eileen Sikora mentioned a talk she attended about an agreement for extra-curricular activities.

Elliott says the understanding is, an extra-curricular guide is a privilege, while the student handbook is a right.

“And don’t mix them up,” said Elliott.

Cornell, and other schools, should have an activity code that says a student athlete cannot bring dishonor to their school. Since social media takes place outside of school, there is not much that can be done if an individual is not in sports. However, if a student is on a team, any negative or derogatory posts reflect negatively on the school and sports program.

“Sometimes, parents and the public make a mistake, thinking they’re one and the same,” said Elliott. “They’re not.”

As part of the business agenda, the board approved leaving “no caps” on the district’s open enrollment policy.