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Village splits electrical service move with landowner

Cadott Village Board

Cadott Village Board members discussed what to do with costs associated with moving an underground electrical service, during a regular meeting Dec. 16.

The bill for moving the service came to $1,516.81.

“This particular landowner did not know that the garage was built on top of that electrical service,” said village clerk Sandy Buetow.

Randy Kuehni, board member, made a motion to pay the bill, based on the circumstances. Kuehni noted that had the current owner built the garage over the service, he would say to charge the landowner.

Bart Chapek, board member, worried the motion would set precedence. Others asked how that could happen in the first place, since utilities have to be located before building.

Board member Merle Huhn said he thinks they will have to make special note of that on building permits in the future.

Les Liptak, board member, said he thinks the village should split the bill with the landowner, because of the unique circumstances of the situation. Anson Albarado, board president, suggested allowing the homeowner to pay for their portion in installments, to ease the burden.

Liptak made a motion for the village to pay half of the bill, without setting precedence because of the situation and allowing the landowner to pay their share in installments over the next 12 months. The motion passed with five in favor (Albarado, Chapek, Russ Falkenberg, Huhn, Liptak) and one opposed (Kuehni).

Members also approved an intermunicipal agreement between the village and Chippewa County, for transmitting and receiving equipment on the water tower. The equipment will be used for emergency management.

Albarado said the agreement was sent back and forth between the county, village and village attorney multiple times, until the wording was agreed upon.

“We are priority one,” said Albarado, pointing out wording in the agreement that made village operations the top priority.

The equipment is slated to go on the north water tower.

There was also a public hearing during the meeting, to discuss the progress made on the Community Development Block Grant project and to allow the public to state any concerns.

Len Schreiber, Cedar Corp., reported the project is slightly over 90 percent complete.

“Our remaining work is a second lift of asphalt that will be laid in the spring,”said Schreiber.

Schreiber explained that it is better to let the first lift of asphalt settle over the winter, before applying the second coat in the spring. He added restoration was completed in the fall, but they will make sure it all comes up as anticipated in the spring.

“It is anticipated all of the items will be complete by early summer,” said Schreiber.

Board members shared feedback they received from community members, including specific areas where restoration may need more work. Others reported they got positive feedback from those near the project.