Spencer’s new K-9 unit now on patrol in the village

When she’s not on duty, Spencer’s newest police officer likes the finer things in life — belly rubs and chasing tennis balls. When she’s on the clock, though, it’s a different story for Ella.
Ella is the Spencer Police Department’s new K-9 officer, a 16-month-old, 50-pound Begian Malinois who partners with officer Mindy Stellmach on daily shifts in the village, and to neighboring communities if called. She’s trained to sniff out illicit drugs, apprehend those who might run from a police stop, and track down children or elderly people who may have gone missing.
Already since starting work in the village on June 3, Ella has located illegal drugs during three traffic stops. Those drugs would likely not have been found without Ella’s high-powered nose, Stellmach said, and is evidence of the value she’ll bring to the Spencer Police Department over the next several years. Ella is funded by donations from local businesses and the community, and the return on that investment will be her ability to curb illegal drug presence and serve as a back-up to Stellmach when she might encounter a dangerous situation.

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