Rock Creek bridge to be closed soon

A well-travelled side road route between Greenwood and Loyal will be closed this summer as construction crews complete a replacement of a bridge over Rock Creek.
An exact closure date has not yet been set. The main contractor for the project, Radtke Contractors Inc. of Winneconne, has until Aug. 30 to complete the job so it does not impact school bus routes in the fall. The work is expected to close the road all summer.
The bridge is located two miles east of Greenwood on Rock Creek Road near its intersection with Owen Avenue. It is actually located at the point where the towns of Eaton, Beaver, Loyal and Warner meet, so all four municipalities will share in the project cost.
Radtke won the contract for the job with a bid of $716,152. Wisconsin Department of Transportation funds will cover almost $573,000 of that total, while Clark County is responsible for $71,615. The four townships will split the remaining $71,615 of the total.
The project will include complete removal of the bridge, which was moved to the site over Rock Creek from a different location years ago. It was repaired in 2017 when structural deficiencies were found, and was moved ahead to 2019 on the construction schedule.
The new bridge will be wider and stronger and be able to carry heavy farm machinery traffic. Nearby intersections will be altered to provide a smoother curved approach to the bridge.
An exact closure date will be set when Radtke holds a pre-construction meeting in the near future.

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