Massachusetts 4-Hers get glimpse of Clark County life

Taking part in a decades-long exchange program with the Clark County 4-H club, a group of 4-H members and chaperones from Massachusetts got the chance to see what life in central Wisconsin was like this past week. Encountering excessive amounts of cheese, die-hard Packer fans with strange accents, Amish, and a landscape that’s flatter and filled with huge farms and cheese factories, the group was able to walk away from the week-long tour with a bit more appreciation of life back home and knowledge about the diversity within our own country.
A total of eight kids and three chaperones from Worcester County, Mass., flew into Minneapolis, Minn. and took a bus to central Wisconsin early last week in order to participate in a 4-H exchange program with members from the Clark County 4-H. Joann Buchholz, one of the 4-H program coordinators for Clark County, said the program has been around for more than 30 years.
“It’s a two-year program. One year they come here, the next year we go over to stay with them,” she said. “This year, Massachusetts came first.”
“We take teens from 13-18 years old and we try to coordinate with another 4-H club for a state visit,” said Wanda Walsh, one of the chaperones for the Worcester County group. “We stay with the families for a week, then they come over and stay with us for a week and we teach them all about our area, farming and the history of Massachusetts.”

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