Loyal Business of the Year hosting Fathers’ Day breakfast

RZ Builders has put up plenty of buildings large enough to hold the 1,200 or 1,300 people who will attend this year’s Loyal FFA Alumni June Dairy Breakfast. So why not, the Zvolenas figured, host the annual Fathers’ Day meal in the place where they make the components for those huge structures they build for customers.
This year’s Loyal breakfast from 7 a.m.-12:30 p.m. on June 16 won’t be on a farm, per se, but it will be about the closest thing to it. Since moving into the refurbished former Loyal Cold Storage building on East Mill Street in Loyal two years ago, RZ Builders has there been manufacturing the large steel columns that support the agriculture and commercial buildings it erects for clients across central and northern Wisconsin. RZ Builders was for 15 years based in Roger and Lori Zvolena’s garage and yard, and the move to a larger location has allowed it to expand and bring all of its functions under one roof.
And that’s a large roof, under the former Lakeshire Cheese building that was built in 1928. The cavernous concrete and brick structure has served multiple uses over the decades, and was most recently Loyal Cold Storage, until about 2005. Then it sat empty for a decade or more, until a chance occurrence got the Zvolenas looking into it.
Roger and Lori had already brought their son, Dustin, and his wife, Shelby, into the business fold in 2005, and Dustin was building the 22-foot to 34-steel columns needed for their construction projects in the family garage. It wasn’t ideal, and the lack of proper space cost the business time.

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