Pit bull ban OK’d in Abby

Despite some last-minute objections by the mayor, Abbotsford’s city council voted 6-2 Tuesday night to ban pit bulls, Rottweilers and several other dog breeds considered to be inherently vicious from living within city limits.
At the urging of Mayor Dale Rachu, the council extended the deadline for current owners of these dogs to come forward and have them properly insured and licensed so they can be “grandfathered” in under the old ordinance. The original proposal was to give these owners until Aug. 1 to get this done, but the council agreed to push it back to Sept. 1, so a public notice could be sent with the next round of water bills.
Voting for the ban were Alds. Gerry Anders, Dennis Kramer, Pete Horacek, Brent Faber, Lori Voss and Jessie Grambort. Voting against it were Ald. Roger Weideman, who said people should be allowed to own whatever dog breed they want, and Ald. Loren Voss, who questioned the need to include breeds besides pit bulls on the list of prohibited dogs.

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