Follen to serve 7 months in jail

When testifying at the sentencing hearing of former Abbotsford math teacher Andy Follen last Thursday, the victims’ parents described him as a two-faced manipulator who used his role as a popular educator to victimize their daughters.
“On the outside, it just looked like he was a great teacher and was just there as moral support for these girls, and ultimately that’s not what was occurring,” said district attorney Lindsey Boon Brunette.
Follen, 26, of Spencer was sentenced to seven months in jail Thursday, as part of a four-year probation ordered by Clark County Judge Jon Counsell following Follen’s conviction on two felony counts of exposing his genitals to a child and one count of fourth-degree sexual assault. The convictions stemmed from physical relationships he had in 2013 with two students who were 17 at the time.
The seven-month jail sentence is to start Aug. 1, with Follen granted Huber work release privileges to maintain his job as production supervisor at Lynn Dairy in Granton. Lynn Dairy’s CEO and president, Bill Schwantes, along with Follen’s supervisor, David Lindegren, both testified Thursday that Follen is an above-average employee who has a possible future at the company.
The four-year probation also includes the conditions that Follen have no contact of any kind with his victims or their families, and that any contact with females under 18 must be purely “incidental.” Judge Counsell used the example of ordering food from a female employee at a restaurant as an example of limited, incidental contact.

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