Despite diagnosis, Colby 3rd-grader stays in class

Using the iPad’s FaceTime app, Kiyan Serum is able to remotely attend class at Colby Elementary.

When Heidi Simenson brought her son to the doctor last month, she thought at worst it would be pneumonia. She had kept him home from school the day before when he was feeling run-down and complaining that his chest hurt.
“That’s when they tested his blood and saw that his hemoglobin was low,” she said. “They sent him to the hospital because he was close to going into heart failure.”
Kiyan Serum, a third-grader at Colby Elementary, was diagnosed with leukemia, a form of cancer that originates in the bone marrow and affects the blood. He would need aggressive chemotherapy to keep the disease from getting worse and hopefully push it into remission.
With flu season in full swing, it also meant that his compromised immune system would not allow him to attend school with his classmates.

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