Marathon Co. captain: K-9 was used properly

A total of five squad cars, including four from Marathon County, are seen lined up behind Klyde Gebelein’s truck and trailer shortly after his arrest Aug. 6. An ambulance was also called to the scene so Gebelein could be treated for dog bites.

A Marathon County captain on Tuesday said it’s unfortunate that a 68-year-old Colby man suffered dog bites to his head after fleeing a routine traffic stop earlier this month, but he believes the sheriff’s department’s K-9 deployment policy was properly followed when apprehending the suspect.
Capt. Sean McCarthy of the patrol division said the injuries sustained by Klyde Gebelein were the result of a quickly escalating situation in which Deputy Troy Deiler, a K-9 handler, was compelled to deploy his partner, Leo.
“It’s just an unfortunate situation all around,” he said. “But if they have to be used in that way, they are.”

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